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45. An all blue-jewel Light & sound Tricorder. When "originals" started being  displayed around the various shows it was noticed that the Tricorders had all blue jewels. Again with this piece, same fine quality and attention to detail. These were not available at shows or through the mail. The author customized it himself with jewels and train wheels since this was purchased in kit form.



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D. An extremely inaccurate version of this company's Communicator. The body is woefully inaccurate, grid is painted steel with no wire surrounding it, the moire pattern is ghastly, & it is even missing the speaker grill!!! However THIS COPYCAT LEARNED FROM HIS MISTAKES. See photos E&F in 1995 for an almost unbelievable (but still a little off) improvement!...1994




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9. This is a fairly recent replica. It came from an all plastic model kit that was called a "23rd century weapon" probably to circumvent the new paramount problems and sold for $29.95. I understand that you can still find them if you keep looking,   Since they occasionally do turn up at various conventions. It also comes with plated  parts for the metal, and comes out quite well, if you have a reasonable knowledge of plastic model-making techniques, it is probably about all that is left nowadays.. 1995


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46. A "geological " Tricorder, 1995. ( see the episode "that which survives").Another custom piece. Jeweled lights and sound and a blinking with separate sound flasher behind the white plastic. Less than a dozen were provided by this company. A fine example of this copycat's art. I had fun building this, as it also came in kit form.




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E. Most copycats hated to retool or rework their original molds. But as I've always said, if you can't learn from your mistakes, don't bother at all. As you can see by   comparison from photos D,&D1 this copycat tried again and for the most part succeeded. The grid is now greatly improved & plated. His plastic body is now reasonably proportioned (but still a little off) As well as this model came with light & sound and two digital voices. Not bad, but his moire pattern needed improvement....1995


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F. Same model with grill closed.



Last from the Star Trek II TV show comes a Copy Cat's near win, a copy of the Phaser Ones sent in. As covered in Copy Cats part two article by Tony Russo.

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16. Starfleet research Phaser 1. (no functions). Only a small number of these were made available after Gene Roddenberry requested that Brad Nelson make the # 1s removable on his Phasers . Note that the front is totally inaccurate. This was due to the fact that Brad needed something to put on them that was easy, to get them out fast.


To Read the CopyCats article on Brad Nelson by Tony Russo just click on this line.

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