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42. The ever popular Agonizer from the evil empire episode "Mirror, Mirror". These started popping up around 1982 from a west coast company that specialized in Star   Wars replicas..That company was mercilessly shut down in 1994.

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39. Another shot of the ever popular Agonizer.



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47. Fleet Command's Non-working Tricorder..1983. At the risk of repetition, their quality got decidedly worse until they practically couldn't give their product away. It is believed that he copied his pieces from Bruce Wagman (look for an interview with Mr. Wagman in this magazine) however that might might be an insult to Mr. Wagman.




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A. Detail (ugh!) of fleet command's light up only communicator...How the mightyhad fallen.....(See photo # 20 1981 for electronics comparison from 1980) this one was acquired in 1989.




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