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27. This replica was made by an associate of Fleet Command. Note that the grid has much larger holes, and detail is greatly lacking..apparently this was a "quick" job to bust out product. However this type of quality was about all that was available until approximately 1990... Purchased in 1988

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H. Fleet Command's Light- up only communicator. (see photo A, 1983). this consisted of of nothing more than 3 LEDS soldered together, a micro switch and a 9 volt battery. The back was then glued on to be ripped off and re-glued to replace the battery! This was the sort of company that needed to be shut down...At any rate this company had no choice but to shut itself down and I believe that this was one of the last pieces that were made by them....1988




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1.This piece was purchased sight unseen from a popular mail order house for $99.95 It has a modified sound effects device in it, which also powered the light bulb in the tip, made of hard vacuum-formed plastic, a metal top grill, and a brass front and a Working trigger. (1990) (manufacturer unknown)


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2. Underside view of photo Phaser # 1




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28. Standard earpiece..machined aluminum...The only company to my knowledge to produce these from metal....1990


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37. 1990 version of the classic communicator. Interestingly enough, this last copycat was certainly the best. The grid was custom perforated brass, the body was highly detailed plastic, but unfortunately, his moire pattern was wrong. in addition, their metal parts were pewter, including the moire pattern ring. They quickly upgraded their pewter parts to aluminum & stainless steel and even their  new moire pattern was perfect. In fact, their replicas were being sold for a time by the time of the Smithsonian Institute's gift shop during the Star Trek Display in 1991.This one has jewels and collars, not train wheels.



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