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23. the popular "convention special". Again, superb quality & fine workmanship..these sold for $65.00, and although other communicators were available by other  companies, these were sporadically available from 1990-1994. Just LEDS no customization. An as is piece....purchased 1994



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24. Most "die hard" fans will remember that the original classic communicator was shown two ways: with a" smooth body" texture(see the episodes "Catspaw"& "patterns of force") and "haircell" textured plastic. The author requested from the  company that he wanted some smooth bodies. The company complied to less than a handful of requests, but I was lucky. This one is not painted-just polished. non-functional..1994

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43. Another custom Tricorder with jewels & "n" scale train wheels. This Tricorder  was a very early edition of the ones you see in photos 44,45,46. It was probably made of ABS, thereby making it of heavier construction. He later went to straight styrene plastic. It also had a pewter moire ring, handles, & control knobs. The   author later replaced all the pewter parts to aluminum & a stainless steel face plate which was acquired from the company. It also came with lights & sound. I replaced the LEDS with what you see here.



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44. Pieces like these I like to call "convention specials". These were the standard  $199.95 Light & sound Tricorders that were at shows and sold by mail order. Truly the finest ever produced. At the Smithsonian Institute's Star Trek gift shop, they sold for $249.95.





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