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14. Field reader tube. Strictly aluminum with colored plastic. It came with the hypo kit, or you could have bought it separately for $9.95...1993


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12b. A Spray Healer, All aluminum machined details, it too came with the Medical Kit, or sold separately.


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29. Classic ear receiver. available for about 3 years only 1991-1994, and sold for $29.95. As in the previous picture they were generally available in all aluminum only..This one however surprisingly came with a press-fit plastic tip...1993


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26. The Classic Medical Scanner, acrlic rod with two miyer silver circles and two red strips, moter driven to spin inside a plastic outer cover. Main body wraped with anti-slip rubber strip.



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39. The basic medical pouch. At the time, the whole set cost about $200.00. not at all bad considering construction & quality...1993



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30. The deluxe medical pouch, with additional vials..It didn't get any better than this..





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