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Phaser III Recreation

Now on sale the NEW remodeled Phaser III from Star Trek Three “The Search for Spock”.

This is a total new model of the Search for Spock Phaser.

I went back to one of the oldest bodies I had to rework this model. It is as accurate as I can make it.

It has the slight curve in the upper deck that the original props had. This model was molded from the one in the pictures here

The Phaser one has a enclosed bottom and extra electronics not used on the set, the sound effects this model makes was added in post production along with the music.( read my articles about props and you will learn that no prop on a set will make any sounds.)

Also if you look closely at the real prop you will see a mold parting line, while this is OK for a film set no customer wants such a flaw in their collectable model so I cleaned it off. 

There are a couple of "extras" as well, the real film prop had no light system in the pistols tip, nor in the tip of the Phaser One, nor in model sound system, all we added.

And our Phaser One is removable and fire able as well. The real Phaser One was not meant to be removed, it was only removable when a screw is removed and then only to change the battery. 

The Model at has sound and light effects, there are four effects: in the power crystal on the top of the Phaser One,  the top four Firing LEDs (Which in this new model is the first model I have made with sound and the CORRECT LED effects, (I had to cheat in the earlier sound model... and use a chase driver that would fit into the Phaser One...) It also is the first model the have the CORRECT frosted four LEDs lens tops...on the Phaser One and the front three Firing LEDs again in the Phaser One and Last there is the Super bright LED with in the Tip of the Pistol Body. 

The features of this new model are:

This exciting prop replica, designed and constructed by Richard A. Coyle includes:

• Digital sound
• Removable and working Phaser One
• Movie accurate light effects
• White toped firing LEDS
• 2-speed power crystal LED display, goes into high speed when firing
• Totally accurate three-part pistol body
• Three-step movie style paint
• Working Phaser One sound and firing LEDs as well as tip-firing LEDs
• Super bright LED in pistol-body tip
• Display stand and plaque
• Instruction booklet and COA

Here is a direct link to the New Phaser III: