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20. Fleet Command's Deluxe communicator. List price 1977-$34.95. This is the only  Decent quality piece that I had ever seen from them. Plated steel grid, good   construction, & even their electronics were fairly good for that time. Purchased from their catalogue.


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18. Detail from Fleet command's "working " communicator. Roughly 10 years later all this was reduced to a micro switch, and a board 1/3 the size you see here.


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38. Fleet Command's Phaser 2 (show with photo #31). The Phaser 2 was made of   vacu-formed plastic, however the body was cast aluminum but again, as usual this company never went the extra mile. Note the nozzle is not ribbed. Still quite a sturdy piece, even though lacking. In addition it is obvious that this  a poor copy of the Starfleet Research Phaser 2. 1981


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31. View of Fleet Command's Phaser 2 with Phaser 1 removed...1981





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