The offical source for Star Trek merchandise and prop kits

The Trek Prop Zone was created for Prop collectors so they could find prop information and exchange ideas with other builders and collectors.

HeroComm is a free and open library of all knowledge that can be gathered on The Original Series Star Trek communicator prop.

Bernd Schneider's excellent collection and study of starships and future technology that appeared in the various TV series and movies, as well as the discussion of artistic, social or philosophical aspects of Star Trek.

A terrifc source of information for the new movie, Trek Remastered, updates on Trek merchandise, and lots more.

Devoted to the famous Star Trek weapon. Includes information about the fictional (on screen uses) and some background about the real-world prop versions.

Episode guides and huge screenshot archive.

The Drex Files
Blog by Doug Drexler, award winning make up artist and Trek art department staffer in later TNG seasons as well as DS9 and Enterprise. Great behind the scenes information.