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B. Phaser 1 kit, resin, 1991. The days of these are long gone and in this case, maybe that's not such a bad thing. this seems to be a quick job to get out product.


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C. Detail of open kit. If you just cannot get anything else this would do...Easy to   build,& very little experience needed....






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7. The classic Hypo spray-made in 1992. Only 3 companies ever made Hypos, and   only two of them made them out of metal.. This one in my opinion was the absolute best. They  generally were made with a pewter tip, which would turn gray with age. The Author had the company put a machined aluminum tip on this one. Truly the finest.
It even hisses, and you can practically see your reflection in it!!!



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17. As discussed earlier, the vials were removable.



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10. This smooth body communicator was painted by the author to have a semi-flat look. I wanted one that I could take for conventions for fun. It also has a digital chirp & jewels & train wheels. 1992.


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G. If you compare all the photos of all the different communicators in this archive I'm sure you'll agree that these were the best. This one is polished smooth body only not painted With jeweled lights & sound. built by the company and sold for $85.00   1992.




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