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35. An early copycat pioneer Phaser. Although similar to the piece in photos 34 & 36, this was actually first on the scene, at least around the East coast, and sold by mail for about $40.00.

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This company also produced a communicator (see photos 25 & 13 in 1978) as well as a sciences & medical/ geological tricorder. The removable Phaser one can be seen in photo # 32. This company had a 3 year run. Purchased in 1978.  This is company #1 again.



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6. Same company as in photo # 35.  In addition, they  also produced a "data board" ( see photo#6) This replica has a touch sensitive pad that will activate the lights at random intervals. 1978  C#1





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36. Another early version of this company's Phaser 2. This company had about a 12 year run. Note that the nozzle was wrong, which was later corrected and  downsized. In addition the whole piece was a bit out of proportion. These problems were later corrected and this piece became quite a popular seller at conventions, and through the mail until paramount stopped them in 1994,

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This model also has removable Phaser 1 - 1980.







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