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A fan who also a lawyer, Mr. John Pisa-Relli offered to defend me pro-bono (with out cost). We were able to reach a settlement that let me keep my home and  life. As long as I never do any Star Trek props!

....Unless: I get a license, or sell to someone who has a license, or sell to someone authorized to sell Star Trek props (like!

So keeping to the time line I hunkered down and hung on with the other props I was still able to do, but it was tight and hard, the other props were only about 40% of my income.

Then a great thing happened. I was contacted by a gentleman named Phil Steinschneider who wanted to talk about the prop gun used in Blade Runner. I shared what I knew about it,  (see Blade Runner Part One) This became my new Star Trek and has been the engine making every thing else happen. You can read more about the ongoing Blade Runner saga in the back issues here at

Things have been easy going from here, I make props, I sell props.

I hooked up with and we did three runs of my classic Phaser, and after that I have done three runs of Star Trek III Phasers for them.

I also hooked up with Robot Factory to do Lost in Space first season lasers pistols.

I have done a bunch of props from other films and TV show and so on.

Last year, 2008, I spent a few months working on a water-into-hydrogen system for cars, but the company I was working for/with turned out to be not to my liking and I quit them to return to my own research.

So here we are, 2009 and I am doing props and researching automotive products.

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