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Phaser Type I and Type II Recreation

The "Classic" Phaser pistol is recreated once again by renowned Star Trek fan and veteran Hollywood propmaker Richard A. Coyle. A propmaker on four of the Star Trek big screen outings, Mr. Coyle has once again focused his meticulous attention to detail on one of the most recognizable props from the original Star Trek television series.

This impressive prop recreation is based on information gathered from "hands on" research with the best of the TOS "Hero" props. These valuable pieces where handled, measured and photographed in exacting detail by Mr. Coyle. To a great degree, this is the only way to ensure an accurate recreation of the compound curves and minute details seen on the screen used props. In addition to hands on research, a myriad of interviews, original photographs and video captures were referenced to ensure complete screen used accuracy for this prop recreation.

For a look at the real prop that was used as a guide in the recreating of this model click here.

Each of these faithful recreations is manufactured using highest quality materials like machined aluminum, cast and nickel plated metal, high impact urethane plastic and crystal clear acrylic. While this replica is derived in part from Mr. Coyle's earlier Phaser Type I/ II models, it incorporates many dramatic as well as subtle improvements.

Most notable of these changes is the inclusion of an all-digital sound effects system within the Phaser. The smaller Phaser Type I has a new multi-sound digital sound system that generates both a classic Stun sound effect and the standard Phaser sound. The system allows the removable Type I Phaser's powerful sound system to work independently when removed from the Type II Phaser pistol body. When joined in the classic Phaser pistol configuration the Type I shares its powerful sound system with the Type II unit.

The Type II body now incorporates a super bright white LED as its primary discharge light effect. This effect's simulated firing rate is now adjustable via the main control knob on the back of the pistol body. To further the authentic nature of this piece the Dilithium Crystal chamber and the forward muzzle ring can be turned to simulate actions preformed by TOS actors.

As seen in TOS, the palm sized Phaser Type I can be separated from the Phaser pistol body to become an independent unit with sound and a light effect of it's own. The setting knob on the Type I is now made of machined aluminum and it incorporates a new uni-joint interlock to the digital sound control switch. This gives the sound switch a realistic notched feel for each sound setting.

Other improvements include the use of polished acrylic, not cast fiberglass resin, for the Type II muzzle tip and the Type I power meter window. A unified battery holder has been installed in the pistol grip for easy maintenance. The paint finish has also been improved with the use of automotive grade acrylic enamel paints. This will help to ensure a durable finish for years to come.

This fully assembled and painted Phaser prop recreation includes the highly accurate Type I and Type II Phaser elements with integrated sound and light effects. Each unit also comes with it's batteries installed, ready to use right out of the box.

A laser etched display plaque with the prop name and the manufacturer's logo is also included. The Phaser ships in a custom aluminum display and shipping case designed to showcase the prop while keeping its safe.

Note: This recreation is designed as a display piece only.

{So my small efforts are now a part of Trek history;
Total of the Coyle Classic Phaser II run was:

12 Legacy Models. One sound system.
12 Version Number 2s. 6 sound system remodel Phaser one.
28 Version three models. 6 Sound system, remodeled Phaser one and handle and rear raditor. New Trigger switches.}