Carnival in Space
An early draft for "The Great Vegetable Rebellion," written by Peter Packer. I have no idea why this script wasn't used, as it is actually superior to the final draft. The script revolves around an alien harnessing the Robinsons' emotions.
It would have made better than average LOST IN SPACE episode.

The Great Space Race
This was supposed to be a parody of the film "The Great Race." This script is rumored to have been written for the fourth season, but I have seen no proof that it still exists, or for that matter that it ever existed.

Malice in Wonderspace
A rather nicely done script by Carey Wilber. A new character was to be inserted on the show in the fourth season: Willoughby, a talking, telekinetic purple kangaroo. The story is an adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland," set to LOST IN SPACE's style. What's sad is that the script actually worked, and would have made a good, if not great, LOST IN SPACE episode.


LOST IN SPACE: the cartoon
A Saturday Superstar ABC one-shot; supposedly a pilot for an animated LIS series. Network air date: 9/8/73. Plot: The Robinsons become lost in space and land on a planet inhabited
by two races: the good, frog like Throgs, and the evil robot race, the Tyrannos. A Hanna-Barbera Production
Cast: Jonathan Harris, Don Messick, Sid Miller, Sherry
Alberoni, Vincent van Patten

LOST IN SPACE: The Motion Picture
A retelling of the first five LOST IN SPACE episodes. To be released sometime in 1997. No cast as of this writing. This film will be shot at Shepperton Studios, London, England. A New Line Cinema Production.
Written by Akiva Goldsman ("Batman Forever")
Directed by Stephen Hopkins ("Predator 2")


LOST IN SPACE was nominated once for an Emmy for special effects (for the Dr. Smith masks in the episode "The Space Destructors"), but it did not win.


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