The Black and Blue Phaser Ones

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Now we move on to the phaser one. In this case we will examine many versions including a couple of the working models.

The classic phaser one most resembles an electric razor, a fact not missed by the cast and crew as seen in an out-take on the blooper reel where, after stalking puposefully towards the camera, the men suddenly start "shaving" with their phaser ones.   34Ph2Front.JPG (7765 bytes) 

First of all, we'll describe the working features. Yes, Virginia, there was indeed a rising plate on the top of the phaser one. Man-o-man, can I remember in the early days how we used to debate these features! These functions were just snuck into a scene and rarely high-lighted by any close-ups. This up-down plate showed up in the very first aired show "The Man Trap".

Watch the tops of the phaser ones that Captain Kirk andPh1HandWplateUp.JPG (3412 bytes) Mr. Spock have in the scene where they beam down to the planet to find Prof. Crater. Captain Kirk says to Mr. Spock, "Set your phaser on one quarter, I'll leave mine on stun." Watch Mr. Spock..he thumbs his phaser one's setting knob on top on his phaser two and the top pops right up. Then they separate to hunt Prof. Crater. As they are hunting for him, the scenes keep cutting from Cpt. Kirk to Mr. Spock and back, note the tops of the phasers. As they circle around Prof. Crater, when we can next see Mr Spock's phaser he now has a phaser with the top down. A second later when Cpt. Kirk shoots Prof. Crater, his phaser's hood is up. Common continuity errors, but fun to catch. Note the flapping communicator grill in this scene too.    Ph1InWitch.JPG (4335 bytes)

There were a couple of these little bits in later episodes, in a "Private Little War" Doctor Mc Coy heats up a few rocks and we get a great close up of a dark gray phaser one with the grill up. Later the witch woman gets one of the phaser ones and attempts to use it, and again a couple of loving close ups. A third season show, "Is there in truth No Beauty" when Miranda Jones companion tries to kill the Gorgan we see a close up of the phaser one.


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