Hello Again, Friends:


I am announcing the rebirth of my dream.... the on-line magazine "Yesterday’s Future Tomorrows" now at and completely under my own control.

Arriving at this address will take you to the home/welcome page which will present you with a variety of sections/articles to browse.

For my old friends, thank you for your support. I urge you to visit even articles you may have seen before as many of them have been redone and formatted to read with re-scanned old and new pictures.

In addition to what has been done, I still have tons of never-before-seen inside information which I intend to share with the world of science fiction net-fans, it will take time so your support of this venture will help it happen.

Let me know what you think...offer suggestions and comments and tell everyone you know to stop by for a look.

I encourage new writers to be a part of this venture. Related articles are welcome. What do you have?


Thank you,

Richard A. Coyle


A few notes, a little Q & A.

Q) Why the plan black text on white back grounds??

A) Because I believe the content of the writers words should be all the wiz-bang a good article needs, plus my eyes get tears tring to read someone’s blue lettering on a steel blue back ground, reading is not suppose to be hard work, in fact you should not even be aware you are really reading at all.

Q) So what about any wiz-bang??

A) I hope to use the special effects like they used to in good old movies, only when needed, and only when they will add to the story/article.

Q) So what can I see?

A) Great articles with in-depth details about the workings of Hollywood and how things go on behind the curtains. And great Pictures. Look for the pointing finger on every picture in an article, when you see it that is a clickable and enlargeable picture, just bear in mind it will take a little of your time to down load.

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