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Then there was skit about a UFO sighting that turns out to be more about too many drinks or drugs.

First person in group said, "Wow, man, like it floated right down close to us, man, like it seemed to be looking for us man."

Second person said, "Yeah, I saw it too, dude." First person again, "But, man, I tell yet it was trying to talk to us, it kept blinking lights and playing songs, just like "Close Encounters", man, I tell you it wanted to talk to me."

Third person in group, "You fool, I was there too, it was just an ad for Budweiser was just the Good Year blimp, man."

First Person, "Aha man, I was so sure it was a UFO, man."

There was a two-part "Logan's Run" sketch with about ten to twenty Sandmen chasing only one runner - and missing him. It started with a couple of Sandmen walking onto the stage, one is carrying a follower and about center-stage.

One of the Sandman says , " Hey, I have a Runner here!"

Abruptly about ten more Sandmen jump up on stage from out of the audience, all excited and asking, "Where is he?

Set on long range. Get a lock on, hurry!" Meanwhile a lone Runner in red walks down the aisle towards to the stage, stops and waits.

None of the Sandmen see him, all are concerned with the Sandman with the tracker, "Man, if you don't know how to use that tracker, give it here, I'll find that Runner. No, no, it's my follower and my Runner."

During all this excitement the Runner starts to work his way into the group of Sandmen, asking things like, " Say what is all the excitement about? What are you guys doing?"

Suddenly the Sandmen all go quiet in shock. The Runner now realizes that they have noticed him and starts to slowly retreat from the group, saying, "Aha good work, great work you Sandmen do, aha, yes, keep up the work, support your local Sandmen, I always say." He managed to just reach the aisle when the whole group of Sandmen finally break out of their paralysis and all simultaneously jump up into the air and yell, "Runner!"

The Runner then bolts out of the room with all of the Sandmen in hot pursuit and disappear out the back doors of the auditorium.

This Runner then shows up a couple of skits later, which seems to be a guy telling a story - very ineptly. As he's telling his story of the runner just lopes in casually, kind of like the Fox who has out run the dogs, for he has eluded his pursuers. He sees that the storyteller is distracted by his presence on stage so he tries to help the story teller.

He even starts to read the story for him when suddenly we hear an offstage bellow of "Runner!" as the missing Sandmen reappear. The Runner's panicked reactions jostle the storyteller about as he attempts another escape and flees the stage, leaving the story teller behind. The storyteller is bubbling about the stage, bumping into and impeding the various running Sandmen who are have resumed their hot pursuit. The storyteller is in bumped around by several of the Sam and with the final pair of running Sandmen grabbing the poor fellow by his arms and cart him offstage facing backwards the audience.

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