The Mighty M93R

By Richard A. Coyle


   m93rwost.JPG (4716 bytes) I believe that the Bond movie "Never Say Never" is the first action thriller to present this interesting firearm.

    This 9mm hand pistol made by Barretta is interesting because it is often used as a full auto weapon. It carries a forward drop-down brace and can be fitted with a shoulder stock. Its extended ammo clip carries extra rounds yet does not take long to empty.m93rwo.JPG (6189 bytes)





  I am sure the full auto feature and the large trigger guard, intended for gloved military, was the main reason why it was chosen for Robo Cop's main weapon.

    With just a little dressing, an extended barrel and longer grips for the large robot hands, it was ready for use.





   This weapon was next seen as the new Assault Phaser in "Star Trek V - " The Final Frontier".astm93.JPG (9193 bytes)

    I don't know if it was used as a homage or pun; as this was a ray gun, its fire power was not an issue <pun uncertain>. So I believe it was tied to the fact that the Los Angeles Police carry 9mm Barrettas and that William Shatner played such an L.A. policeman in the TV show T.J. Hooker.

    It's just... well.. "Hooker in Spaaaace"

    Next the gun appeared on the TV show "Sea Quest". I believe that the prop maker had a few castings of the "Star Trek" Assault Phaser lying around, and one story I heard <maybe apocryphal> was that they were told not to make anything "Trekkie". Well....they used the handle, and if I remember correctly, part of an Enterprise engine nacell, and other parts from Star Trek models to dress and detail the weapon. I do not believe the producers ever noticed.

The rest of the following pictures are courtesy of the web site: and are used with permission. Thanks.



These are Sea Quest Season one.SeaQuest1.JPG (3338 bytes)SeaQuest2.JPG (2605 bytes)


These are Sea Quest Season second.SeaQ2SeaAl.JPG (2769 bytes)SeaQ@seasonAl.JPG (2712 bytes)


This weapon was used by the character Mason Freeman.SeaQMasonFreeman.JPG (2515 bytes)

This weapon was used by a policeman.SeaQ2seaPolice.GIF (82095 bytes)

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