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CLASSIC TV SPOTLIGHT: LOST IN SPACE: 1965-1968Lispace3.gif (177488 bytes)

by Flint Mitchell


Professor John Robinson: Guy WIlliams

Dr. Maureen Robinson: June Lockhart

Major Donald West: Mark Goddard

Judy Robinson: Marta Kristen.

Penny Robinson: Angela Cartwright

Will Robinson: Bill Mumy

Dr. Zachary Smith: Jonathan Harris

The robot: Bob May

The robot's voice: Dick Tufeld


Created and Produced by: Irwin Allen

Associate Producers: Jerry Briskin, Year 1, William Faralla,

Years 2 and 3

Story Editor: Anthony WIlson

Music Supervisor: Lionel Newman

Music: John Williams ("Star Wars"), Alexander Courage, Robert

Drasnin, Gerald Fried ("The Man From U.N.C.L.E."), Herman

Stein, Leith Stevens, Cyril Mockridge

Directors of Photography: Gene Polito, Year 1, Frank Carson,

Years 2 and 3

Art Directors: Walter M. Scott and Sven Wickman, Year 1, Jack

Martin Smith and Robert Kinoshita ("Forbidden Planet"), Year

2, Jack Martin Smith and Frank O. Barnett, Year 3

Executive in charge of Production for Van Bernard

Productions: Guy Della Cioppa

Special Photographic effects: L. B. Abbott and Howard


Sound Editor: Don Hall Jr.

Makeup Supervision: Ben Nye

Production Manager: Hal Herman

Asociate to the Producer (costumes): Paul Zastupnevich


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